On the day of the full moon in Kason, it is best to visit the pagoda and some of Mandalay’s parks

Today, on the Kason full moon day, the iconic pagoda and other relaxation spots in Mandalay were crowded with pilgrims.

Early in the day, worshippers flocked to Kuthodaw Pagoda and Mandalay Hill. Along the route to the city park and the Yeywa hydropower plant, there were several highly populated cities.

Propaganda outlets claim that today’s green rice donation event in Mandalay’s ditch, which involved more than 10,000 monks from the Military Council, was a success.

Lack of devotees prevented the annual Mindon King Bodhi Nyaung Pin Nyaung Water Festival from taking place.

As he continued, he lamented that “the Nyaung Ye Festival, which used to last all day in marketplaces, was nearly non-existent this year.” I rarely go to public gatherings. Very few vehicles pass by at any given time. A source in Mizzima, the township that includes Bodhi Nyaung Pin, told us that just about 50 people came in groups.

On the Buddhist calendar, the full moon that occurs during the month of Kason is considered a sacred day. A corpse named Prince Siddhartha was born on the full moon of 68 A.D.; this prince would later become known as Gautama Buddha. The physical form of Gotama Buddha attained Buddhahood at dawn on the full moon day of Kason. For four reasons, the full moon of Kason in the year 148 A.D. is celebrated as Buddha Day by all Buddhists.

Good deeds, such as keeping the Bodhi tree hydrated, are performed by Buddhists in honor of the tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment. The purpose of the watering is to replenish the moisture lost by the bodhi tree during the dry Kason month.

When it comes to Buddhists, however, this custom has not faded away but rather continues to thrive in the modern world. In honor of the full moon on Kason, the annual Nyaung water festival is held.

Breakthrough Is Finally Here According to the adage, Wednesday falls on the fourth day of Kason’s month. On Kason’s full moon day, he entered the world. On the night of Kalason’s full moon, Pwint, the doors to the Buddha will open. The four events, including the attainment of Nirvana on Kason’s full moon day, occurred simultaneously, making for a glorious day.

You can find Sri Lanka in South Asia. After the International Buddhist Conference in Colombo in 1998, the full moon of Kason was officially declared a worldwide holiday. Talks occurred between November 5 and 14.

The foreign minister of Sri Lanka made a formal request to the United Nations in September 1999 to have the day recognized as a worldwide holiday. In total, 34 countries, including Myanmar, voted in favor of the motion that was presented to the 54th United Nations General Assembly. For this reason, the full moon on Wednesdays is now officially recognized as the Vesak Universal Holiday by the United Nations.

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