Oculus Quest 3: The Latest in News, Pricing, Availability, and Speculation

The Oculus Quest’s first generation was unveiled in May of this year, and the sequel is scheduled for release in the fall of 2020. The launch of the Oculus Quest Pro is expected for May of this year. It looks like we might finally get our hands on the legendary Quest 3 in 2023.

A sequel to the Oculus Quest 2 has been much discussed, despite not being available until late in 2023. Oculus/Meta Quest 3 is a piece of virtual reality headgear that is speculated to use a new kind of OLED and a proprietary processor.

When will Oculus release Quest 3, their latest VR headset?

Meta has been silent on the topic of this hat, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make educated guesses about when we can expect to see it in stores.

The Oculus Quest 3 is likely to be introduced at Connect 2023, when Facebook and Meta hold their annual conference in the fall, around September or October.

Price rumors for the Oculus Quest 3

In its first iteration, the Oculus Quest’s 64 GB model cost $399. The Quest 2 128GB has been reduced to $299 from $349.

If this tendency keeps up, the cost of Quest helmets in 2023 will drop dramatically. This is more of a hope than a trend, though, because such a fad can’t possibly exist forever, and there are only two possible iterations on which to base this.

We’d love to see a much more affordable virtual reality headset than in years past, but at this time we can’t say for sure what sorts of technological improvements and other changes will be built into the product. Due to Meta’s silence on the matter, any estimations of its price are based on nothing more than informed guesses at this time.

Details on advance purchases
The exact time frame for the beginning of pre-orders is currently unknown. We will add a link to it here as soon as it is ready for use.

Since The Quest 2 was announced and pre-orders started roughly a month before its release, we might see the same pattern this time around.

New functions in Oculus Quest 3

There is currently very little information available about the features of the upcoming Meta Quest 3, largely due to the fact that the Meta Quest Pro, which is expected to launch first, appears to contain some of the same features as the Meta Quest 3. It’s currently unknown how these two devices will vary; are both designed for the Metaverse, or simply one? As official meta news and leaks become available, more details will become available.

Some of the things that have been said about the Meta Quest Pro

It has been proposed that a successful method of reducing motion sickness and an improved form factor that makes operating the gadget as a whole easier and more pleasurable are two possibilities.

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Hardware and Technical Details for the Oculus Quest 3

Brad Lynch, an XR hardware analyst, claims that this headset will be the first to incorporate uOLED (ultra-OLED, an upgraded version of OLED). It’s likely that the lenses’ resolution will exceed the Quest 2’s 1832×1920/eye and the refresh rate will remain constant (or even rise), thus 120 frames per second is a minimum expectation.

This device will also include a proprietary chipset. According to Lynch, the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor is utilized in the Quest 2, and while v3 may be possible by the time the Quest 3 is delivered, Meta is reportedly choosing for an in-house processor.

Again, it’s still early, and many rumors seem to confuse the Quest 3 with the Quest Pro, so it’s not simple to separate the two at this time. We’ll be updating this post with more details about Quest 3 as they become available, so check back soon.

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