Clear Cache using Zero Cleaner

An Android app called Zero Cleaner clears the cache on devices to maximize efficiency. It was created by DP Soft and comes with a number of features meant to improve the functionality of the device. It is free to download. Zero Cleaner’s Selective Cache Clearing feature gives users more control over the cleaning process by enabling them to choose which apps to remove their cache for. Scheduled Cache Checks: You can program the app to check and identify cache that needs to be cleared on a regular basis. User-Friendly Interface: For a customized user experience, it has an interface that is adjustable with color options. Floating Dock: This function offers instant access to the program for clearing the cache while on the go.


The application does not gather or share user data; instead, it leverages the Accessibility Service API to handle cache clearing. Advantages efficient optimization of performance. Easy selective cache cleansing that may be planned. user-friendly and configurable interface.

Cons needs a number of permissions in order to work fully. restricted functionality in contrast to certain rivals. Some users have reported glitches and concerns with the app not functioning on all devices (see references 5 and 6).

User Input

There are conflicting user reviews. The app’s ability to increase device speed and free up storage space has earned accolades from certain users. Others have reported problems with the app not clearing the cache as promised or requesting for permissions repeatedly【6†source】‐8†source】. Though it might not be ideal for everyone, Zero Cleaner can be a helpful tool for controlling cache on Android devices overall. Apps like 1Tap Cleaner and Phone Cleaner are also highly rated in the same category【6†source】, for consumers looking for alternatives.

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