How to Put Your Dog in a TV Commercial

The first step to getting your dog in a TV commercial is to make sure they’re ready for the role. To do this, you’ll need to:

– Obedience training

– Canine Good Citizenship

– Sign up for an “animal acting” class

– Grooming

– Acclimating your dog to new people and busy, crowded environments

– Signing up for a pet agency

– Uploading a cute video of your dog on social media

– Responding to online pet casting calls

Get your dog started on basic obedience training. It is essential that your dog attends obedience classes before being considered for a commercial. Basic obedience training is a series of classes that teach your dog basic obedience commands, such as sitting, standing, down, staying in place, and coming when called. Be sure to select a trainer who is certified by the certification council for professional dog trainers (CCPDT).

Each of your dog’s hand signals is a hand signal. Hand signals can help your dog follow on-set when verbal cues aren’t possible. To teach basic hand signals to your dog, use cues (influenced by treats) that turn into hand signals. For example, teach your dog the “down” hand command by holding the treat in front of his nose and drawing him down towards the ground. Your dog will follow you. Repeat this exercise (variety among dogs) until the motion serves as the command and your dog understands it.


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